Cushion Flooring

When you have children, you want your home to be a safe and comfortable place for them to run around and play. A traditional carpet will do the trick, but this might not be the best option for every room. Carpet can wear quickly in heavy used areas and it’s not easy to clean when children spoil drinks or other things.

Cushion flooring vinylA popular alternative that is soft and comfortable is cushion flooring. This type of flooring will combine the practical features of a tiled floor with the softness and comfort of a thick carpet. It can be made of a range of materials and it always contain a soft layer that makes the both comfortable and safe. Three often used materials are vinyl, cork and rubber. Read below to get to know their special advantages and qualities.

Vinyl flooring
When looking for an appropriate floor for the kitchen or the basement, vinyl cushion flooring is an obvious choice as an alternative to tiles. Besides the qualities of the cushioned flooring itself, it has all the advantages of any other type of vinyl flooring. It is very simple to install, simple to clean, both waterproof and stain resistant and extremely easy to install yourself. You need a hard solid surface underneath these floors.
Vinyl flooring is appropriate for every room, but especially in damp rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, and in play rooms, like child bedrooms, basements or attics. Vinyl flooring is available in a wide range of colors and designs. It can appear like real wood, tiles, stone, marble or mosaics. It is a inexpensive way of giving the rooms a stylish look and enjoy the all the qualities you and your children need.

Cushion flooring corkCork flooring
A very stylish and natural material used for cushion flooring is cork. Cork has the soft and warm qualities by nature. Don’t just think of light brown tiles. Cork floors are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. It can give rooms a distinguished look. It’s better not to use cork in the kitchen or bathroom, because of the moist.

Rubber flooring
Cushion flooring rubberAnother option for you floor is rubber. This is mostly used in the commercial sector. Like vinyl, this material is easy to clean, waterproof and highly durable. Rubber is often used in stores and gyms or sport arenas, but it could work for your home too. You could also choose to use it as an outdoor flooring, to create a safe playground.

Where to buy?
Have a good look at all the options before you decide to purchase your new floor. There is a great selection of qualities, styles and colors that you can choose from. Take a colorful floor for the playroom, a tile pattern floor for the kitchen and bathroom and maybe a wood pattern floor for the living room and the kitchen. Almost everything is possible.

Once you’ve installed the floor, you and your children will experience the comfort of walking on a solid and soft surface.